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Well, at least being in quarantine has inspired many of us to embrace the outdoor space we have, whether that be a window ledge, a tiny balcony, a terrace, or a backyard. I don’t know about you but I’ve also started learning how to grow my own vegetable garden on my balcony thanks to this ample time we now have at home.

This post might come in handy for many of you redoing your green spaces at home, and hopefully, will also prove to be quite helpful for following Springs to come.

I’ve been working on my gardens quite a lot lately and that means that researching the best (and most affordable) places to stock up on gardening supplies has been a huge focus of my daily life (I mean it’s that or binge on TV shows and eat chocolate). I hope that my experiences can help you get started working on your gardens too!

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Here are the best places to stock up on your gardening supplies in Düsseldorf.

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OBI is a great place to go if you’re looking for affordable prices. They have their own massive garden center and offer some great plants and flowers suitable for even the gardeners with no green thumb (aka. me). You can also purchase your plants online which makes it not only an easy option but also a safer one at the moment.


Similarly, TOOM also offers a wide array of plants and flowers which can also be ordered and purchased online or in-store. While your typical home hardware stores might not have a massive selection of different plant types, for the average gardener, there will be more than enough options. Of course, other popular home hardware shops like Bauhaus and Hammer often sell gardening supplies as well, I just find them a bit more pricey than the others.


IKEA is my go-to when I’m looking for house plants that will never die even when I forget about them. Somehow, IKEA seems to have that “plant reputation”. How many of you have one of their classic grass-like house plants that costs .99 cents? You’ll understand what I mean. ? Of course, they also have quite a nice selection of annual plants as well.

Bilker Gartencenter

Bilker Gartencenter is your classic greenhouse garden center in Düsseldorf. The staff is friendly and well-educated, so if you’re looking for a little bit of advice, you’re better off heading here than one of the home hardware stores. Bilker Gartencenter will be the place where you find not just one assortment of tulips, but 30. You will find everything you need here. They are also offering free delivery during the current COVID-19 crisis and will continue to offer delivery at a cost in the future.

Korfy’s Pflanzenwelt

Bilker Gartencenter and Korfy’s Pflanzenwelt are owned and operated by the same company, they’re just simply in different locations around Düsseldorf. While Bilker Gartencenter is quite central, Korfy’s is located close to IKEA which makes a great in-between stop if you’re planning on stocking up on some more things on your way home. You can expect pretty much the same at Korfy’s as you do Bilker Gartencenter, friendly and well-educated staff, delivery options, and a huge selection.

Turkenburg Gartencenter & Baumschule

Turkenburg Gartencenter is also a nursery for trees (or “Baumschule” in German). Their superb reputation is based on not only the incredible variety of plants and flowers that they sell on location but also their excellent quality. They have a relatively nice layout when shopping so that you don’t need to spend too much time searching around for exactly what you need. They also have an online shop.

Böhmann-Ilbertz Samenfachgeschäft & Garten- und Landschaftsbau

You might recognize the name from the small shop in the Altstadt selling different seeds and bulbs on Marktstrasse. Yes – this is the shop I’m referring to. They actually also have a large garden center and nursery located on Duisburger Landstrasse in Düsseldorf. Böhmann-Ilbertz is another classic garden center here in Düsseldorf where you will find educated staff, a wide selection of plants, and delivery options.

Dehner Garten-Center

Dehner Garten-Center is a popular garden center chain in Germany and has locations in both Benrath and in Rath. You will find educated staff members and an array of different plants and flowers here.

Urbangrow Grow Shop

The team at Urbangrow Grow Shop are your experts when it comes to urban gardens and indoor planting. You might pay the higher prices here, but you’re also paying for the quality and education of the staff. You may walk into Urbangrow with no idea of what or how you would like to grow your urban garden, but you’ll definitely walk out with a clear vision and all the products you need to get started.

White Rabbit

Similarly, White Rabbit offers a very educated team of indoor and balcony plant experts. To be honest, I had no idea until I started doing a little research. Initially, I just thought it was where people go to buy bongs and weed-related products, but little did I know that these are very educated staff with plenty of excellent tips for growing urban gardens indoors or on your balconies.

The golden Rabbit

The golden Rabbit is a concept store designed specifically for garden lovers. I go here when I’m looking for a unique gift idea for my gardening friends. The shop is relatively small, but there are some amazing and beautiful products that are also extremely stylish. If you’re not looking to buy in bulk and buy the cheapest of the cheap, The golden Rabbit will be your gardening haven. Think Instagrammable planter pots, beautiful leather gardening knee pads, and robust but stylish gardening shoes.

11 Awesome Stores to Buy Gardening Supplies in Düsseldorf | Life in Düsseldorf (2)

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If you’re looking for someone to help you with the Gardening work or the cleaning of the pool or garden, an easy website to navigate and hire from is ExtraSauber.

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11 Awesome Stores to Buy Gardening Supplies in Düsseldorf | Life in Düsseldorf (2024)


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